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Elizabeth Dukes, Co-Founder and CMO
Traditionally, facilities management software has been helping businesses manage physical office space in the conventional understanding of this term. Rapid developments in technology and business methods, including proliferation of computers and mobile devices, have led to the growing popularity of the agile approach to running and managing enterprises, developing new products and introducing them to the market. These developments and methods call for a new approach to building, managing, and developing the workplace and a workforce.

iOFFICE is a company that helps its clients evolve to an agile digital workplace that supports the work of employees with an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS). It’s the effective and efficient integration of employees into the workspace, providing them with quick and easy access to space, services, and assets. “iOFFICE is a modular product,” states Elizabeth Dukes, iOFFICE Co-Founder and CMO. It focuses on the workplace and asset side, working with partners, integrating seamlessly, and collecting the necessary real-time data. “iOFFICE include space, mail, reservation, assets, work order, and visitor tracking modules, all in a singular SaaS-based platform,” she adds.

The asset module of iOFFICE software allows tracking of any type of asset. The configuration of the definition of an asset is completely customizable and has no limits. Elizabeth explains: “CIOs can allow this tool to not only support IT-related equipment, but also expand it to other parts of the enterprise. It could be art, furniture, copiers, appliances, mechanical equipment for the building, or virtually anything else.”

iOFFICE created the architecture of its platform to allow clients with a geographically dispersed footprint to have a single URL that is defined by any parameter that makes sense to the clients.
This way the software consolidates all the assets in one place by any type. It also attaches all service level agreements and warranties that relate to the asset in one place as well as contracts or maintenance instructions.

The asset module works seamlessly with the service request module and allows for configuration of all preventative maintenance tasks specific to the asset together with on-demand requests. “It can track performance, activity, maintenance, and any other kinds of costs,” remarks Elizabeth. This lets the management understand the life cycle, performance and anything else about the asset that they deem important. “The module works with the mobile app and can visualize assets on the floorplan,” she adds. The mobile asset app also has inventory tracking features, including scanning asset IDs, accessing asset profiles, updating asset details and more. iOFFICE doesn’t just help businesses manage their assets, workforce, and workspace. “We provide the C-suite with valuable insights about what is happening with their organizations, so that managers can be more effective in planning future operations,” she states.

Creation of the modules and keeping them current requires a great deal of innovation. Elizabeth firmly believes that all innovation begins with people, which is why iOFFICE has its own innovation lab and does all the development in-house. Additionally, iOFFICE allocates considerable resources to customer support and education of its customers. The company spends significant time on providing thought-leadership, researching and studying trends to support its customers today and in the future.

To stay relevant and continue to add value, iOFFICE recognized a need for a community and marketplace. And so, the company created the iOFFICE Marketplace, a growing network of selected workplace-related SaaS application partners that shared its vision for “fully integrated work environment where people and place coexist happily,” as Elizabeth describes it.


Houston, Texas

Elizabeth Dukes, Co-Founder and CMO

iOFFICE creates the most responsive, frictionless workplaces everywhere through space planning, employee experience, and asset management SaaS solutions. The company's cloud-based, open-API platforms and mobile apps help businesses of all sizes connect data, people, and things wherever work takes place. Through its marketplace of smart building and IoT connectors and global partner network, iOFFICE enables enterprises to increase agility and scalability while streamlining their tech stack. Organizations worldwide choose iOFFICE to make their workforces more productive, create exceptional experiences, and simplify facility and equipment management