20 Most Promising Facilities Management Solution Providers - 2019

20 Most Promising Facilities Management Solution Providers - 2019

Facilities management is commonly categorized into two divisions hard and soft. The first of the two refers to the organization of workplaces, and the second part encapsulates all the factors that affect employees and the enterprise as a whole. Facility management solution vendors are now coming forward and providing firms with platforms that empower them to have credible insight across all their procedures, and in turn to make clear and concise decisions.

One area where facilities management plays a vital role is during relocation, and this is truly helpful to individuals moving from one place to another. It enables them to understand the changes they may encounter at their new locations. The automation of this entire process is a boon for the facility manager, as it saves time and money in terms of educating the employees about the new interfaces that are being deployed across work floors.

This edition of CIOReview features the “20 Most Promising Facilities Management Solution Providers - 2019” showcasing companies that have drastically changed the facilities management landscape with their best-in-class product offerings. A team of highly qualified industry experts, CIOs, and CTOs along with the editorial team of CIOReview have assessed firms in the space, and have shortlisted the organizations that are mitigating the challenges in the multiple industry spectrums by enabling IT teams at these companies with celestial technological solutions that enhance their operations.

Company Name

Company Description

Qopper Qopper offers a device estate management platform with solutions to manage IT and OT assets in connected spaces
StringBean Technologies Offers a cloud-based platform to enable property owners and builders to automate the building management processes and communicate with occupants