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Dave Spence, Director of Business Development
“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”

—Doug Conant, an American businessman and New York Times bestselling author

To compete in today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need to create a workplace that motivates employees and increases efficiency. It’s hard to achieve that with legacy tools like Excel and PDF. It gets complicated when you consider how expensive and complex integrated workplace management systems can be. And, adding to the challenge, inconsistent data and a reactive approach to workplace management has turned workplaces into budget-draining cost centers.

But innovation by OfficeSpace Software has turned this trend on its head. The workplace management platform gives companies a suite of integrated solutions that make for smarter management of the workspace.

“With our solutions, we centralize workplace information that empowers organizations—and their teams across different departments—to access workplace data and make smarter decisions,” says Dave Spence, Director of Business Development at OfficeSpace.

Workplace and facilities teams use OfficeSpace to proactively plan and schedule employee moves, onboarding and offboarding, and get workplace insights with accurate reporting and analytics. “Typically there are about 15 steps involved when it comes to simply moving an employee from one desk to another. When clients use our software they can cut that down to 3-4 steps, saving tons of time, and increasing accuracy in communication and reporting” says Spence. HR teams can also benefit from the well-planned and accurate workplace scheduling to streamline the onboarding of new hires. The IT support team, on the other hand, can instantly locate the desk of an employee who needs tech support. While finance and real estate teams can access deep insights into occupancy rates and costs, which maximizes space utilization and financial reporting. For most companies, real estate is the largest expense after salaries so it’s critical that it’s used effectively and efficiently.

With the emerging trends of shared spaces and desk booking, companies are having more open offices.

With our solutions, we centralize workplace information that empowers organizations—and their teams across different departments—to easily access workplace data and make smarter decisions

OfficeSpace provides employees with the option to reserve desk and also engage in desk sharing.

A case in point is a large pharmaceutical company relocating about 2,000 of its employees to a new building. The plan was to shift employees in phases spanning four to five weekends (a scene where hundreds of employees would enter the new building each week.) Allocating space for each individual was time consuming that eventually led to chaos. The company approached OfficeSpace. After deploying Visual Directory® (one of OfficeSpace’s solutions to view interactive workplace floor plans), the client was able to direct each employee to their desk on the specific floor instantaneously. Visual Directory® enabled the client to save time and cost through quick and accurate decisions.

OfficeSpace has built its workplace management software by combining deep industry expertise and modern technology from the ground up. Striding into the future, OfficeSpace is planning to focus more on integrations and partnerships with various hardware and software partners to deliver a unified ecosystem for the real estate sector. The company will continue to innovate modern workplaces through its state-of-the-art solutions.

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Dave Spence, Director of Business Development

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